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Get the attention of more customers and expand your business
with the 'Dog Walkers City Premium Membership Package'

REMEMBER: Listing your services on Dog Walkers City will ALWAYS be free! (You can sign up on the homepage here) The premium membership is completely optional but will help bring out the best of your business online and offline.

The Dog Walkers City Premium Package is designed with one thing in mind – we want to help you to get more customers.
We have combined a whole range of features in to one great package to maximise your chances of getting more business. Take a look and see what we've managed to cram in!

To become a Dog Walkers City premium member, simply sign up for a free membership on the homepage then upgrade in the members area.


Get seen by more people on Dog Walkers City by having your listing propelled to the top of the list. With premium membership, your listing will appear at the top of search results, above regular members. Our premium listings also stand out from the crowd, with bolder colours and an icon telling potential customers that your a premium member. Your listing will also contain a new button, that takes customers to your very own profile page...


With a premium membership, we will create you your own personalised profile page filled out with all your credentials and information. Your details, rates, client ratings and other important information are clearly visible in an easy to navigate, concise page, which shows off the best of your business and allows people to contact you with ease. This is a public page, which means that you could be found in Google search results as well as our own. It's your own mini website!


These beautiful looking pages allow for extra photos, longer personal descriptions, a larger map and your own Facebook 'Like' button which lets viewers 'like' your page, not ours! Your profile page will also have a message board where people can leave you messages, comments and reviews. These are verified by you before being posted but serve as a perfect opportunity for existing clients to write comments and testimonials for potential customers to see.


As a premium member, you'll get full access to our private members forum, where you can ask questions as well as discuss your business and services with other Dog Walkers & Sitters. Don't just let us help your business...get everyone involved to help you! The Dog Walkers City team will also be available in the forum to answer any questions you have.


Premium members will be able to download this easy to use, helpful software designed to help manage your time and efficiently schedule important dates. This software allows you to see your week (or month) ahead, keep track of any current clients or future appointments and easily pencil in any information you want about your clients. (Only available for PC/Windows at this time)


This small library of information is always expanding and includes a range of helpful documents to help and assist you and your business. We have a number of downloadable templates (ie. contracts and invoices) for you to customise, edit and print out at home. Also included are a number of extremely useful guides to help boost your prominence on the web and advertise your services...

  • The Facebook Page Guide is a tutorial that teaches you how to create your own Facebook page. These 'pages' are becoming a must for any business that wants to promote their services online. Facebook has over 500 million users – most of which log in everyday. Not only will we teach you how to create your own page, we'll also show you how to promote it and how to get people 'liking' it – all for free. This one guide can easily help you get extra customers.
  • Our Free Online Advertising Guide will teach you exactly what it says on the tin. This is a list of websites that are perfect for advertising your business online, all of which are free! Again, this guide alone can help you to get extra customers.
  • We also have an 86 page Dog walkers and sitters business guide which is packed full of information. Whether you're a seasoned Dog walker/sitter or just starting out, you're sure to find a tonne of useful tips in this comprehensive guide. The guide can also be downloaded as an audio book to listen to on the go and also includes a few interviews with dog walkers.

  • Sign up to our premium membership for only £9.97 £4.97
    per month. Offer will be available for a limited time only!

    We hope you agree, this selection of benefits and features are sure to help you get extra clients – and that's the bottom line. When we launch our Premium Membership Package, we want to offer all Dog Walkers City members access to everything here at as lower price as possible.

    Our launch price is £9.97 per month (which will increase as we add more features) but for a short amount of time we want to offer our Premium Membership to you for a staggering £4.97 per month. Joining at this price will mean you'll never pay more, even when the price increases and with no contracts your free to cancel your membership at ANY time. At this price, even if you get just ONE extra regular client from everything included here, you'll be making your money back and one extra client is being extremely conservative. So join us today and see first hand the benefits of becoming a Dog Walkers City Premium Member...

    Sign up today for free & become a premium member at any time in the members area...