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Here at Dog Walkers City we aim to create the largest directory of dog walkers and sitters in the UK and we aim to do that with three things in mind – Ease of use, Quality listings and Choice.

Our mandate to be easy to use means that we want our website to be as user friendly as possible and being able to search for sitters and walkers by area is the first step. Quality listings means that we want to provide you with the best information possible, in the quickest time, so you can make the best decision. Finally, choice - means that we want to give you as much of a choice as possible in your area. We are dedicated to expanding our service as quickly as possible and are always looking for, and signing up more sitters and walkers.

Of course there are two sides to Dog Walkers City. Those who are looking for a walker or sitter and those who are looking to make a listing. Whichever category you fit in, we want to make the whole process of using our site as easy as possible.

When it comes to listing your business, there's no better choice than Dog Walkers City. Why? A few reasons! Its quick and easy to do, it's completely free and our continual dedication to promotion means that there's always a flood of customers right at your doorstep. Listing you services is as easy as filling out a form with some information about your business. Once that's done you can sit back and let us do all the work.

When a potential customer searches for a service in your area, your listing will be displayed in the results. This will include a photo, name, description, map, contact form and ratings box along with a few other details.

Our commitment to improving Dog Walkers City is on going and were always on the look out for new ideas. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.